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DANS LA VILLE EN VOL : Les anamorphoses de Charles Maze Dec. 14, 2018

The city inspire him ....but he takes it much further away.

He is flying and looks at the city from high in the sky with  that mechanical look, that circular look that his anamorphosis reveal us…

"Charles Maze is the photographer who soars to ever greater heights to better observe us from on high. He whirls, scans, circles in his imaginary rings. "

Here, the world is upside down, with no above, no below. Just fullness. Absolute."

Evocation of the labyrinths where pilgrims once purified their minds in the cathartic spirals  of the marbled floors of the gothic cathedrals, the benevolent spirals that  Charles Maze calls anamorphosis take the viewer through their visionary twirls. »

"Charles draws us down to the bottom of a deep well where we discover a new world devoid of darkness and shadow. Where all is pure light playing with reality, restoring the wonder of life."  Alba Romano Pace writes.

He  enchases Paris as a nuget, he offers the suburbs the luxury of abstraction, he twirls Swann Island, makes a silk handkerchief out of his windows, he strips Hudson River and fills Avenue Bosquet with poetry…

Photo credit: Charles Maze

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