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JUXTAPOSITIONS IN THE CITY BY DIDIER GERMAIN - Transfigurating ordinary landscapes Oct. 15, 2013

First, the reconnaissance… and then the shooting, this is how Didier GERMAIN first reads the place.  A plastic photographer who has been  working for twenty years in an Architecture Agency, he  has got a well trained eye…

What is he looking for in the city ? Its superpositions…  Those superpositions that belong to the place itself will start the job and then inspire Didier Germain’s work.

The next stage, he calls it his « second reading », when he starts a deeper analysis, when the place discloses its secrets, when Didier identifies what has to be transformed.

Then comes intervention, time for action, time for magic…

He explains :

« My work on landscapes since 2003, is halfway between plastic photography and digital painting (almost mechanical). I use something close to documentary picture but my post-shooting interventions, close to geometric abstraction, only address to the feeling.

The plastic elements of the picture get rid of their figurative and representative aspect and start living their own lives far away from the initial picture. They strengthen the idea of a bursting hybrid world as well as they guide the eye through a tour in the maze of the image, almost in the maze of the world.

Banality is transfigurated and finds a new echo in the spectator’s mind, he is surprised and discovers a world far away from daily life.




Didier first started in the very intimate world of  Interior Design ,  but he keeps enlarging his scope of intervention and now he manages two complex and long-term operations at Jard Brychcy Architecture.

 A precise, reliable, methodical and much respected  professional, he fully expresses all the richness of his sensibility and imagination trhough his personal work.

The lightness of his transfigurated landscapes, the suspended elements, the explosion of colours, he reveals them in total abstraction.


MAIRIE DE MONTREUIL-2011 à 2013 (Montreuil City Hall– metro station)

« A place under transformation, the City Center around Montreuil City Hall, my daily lot to go to my studio of Paul Signac former fabric.

Catching an ephemerous moment, just after demolition the parking is opening to the sky, right before reconstruction.

An almost deserted ghetto gives place to a cultural equipement with Cinemas, Housing, a Theatre, a Center for Performing Arts and a Commercial Center.

This transformation is the interesting point. »


Series of 10 independent pannels : small size 45X60env prints 1/5 ex on plexi

Panoramic : large size 120X50env prints 1/5 on aluminium